Are you looking for an affordable and reliable photographer for your business? Then you have come to the right place.
I’m a freelancer and I work from home, hence I can keep my prices low.

I am daily photographing products for small and large companies. In order for them to sell a product in the most attractive way.
Do you need good, clear pictures that are closest to reality, and yet resemble more than the original?

Call me, view my portfolio and let your products sell themselves! Everything is possible!

The price of 55 SEK per photo is based on a delivered photo. This is significantly lower than most product photographers. And yet the quality is the same!

– Product photography 55 SEK per (delivered) photo

I work with highly advanced equipment of the Nikon brand, which, in combination with knowledge and good exposure, makes amazing pictures. With different lenses, lights, flashes, backgrounds and my knowledge of Photoshop, there is always a suitable solution for every situation and every product from small to large.

Product fotografrie
Product fotografrie
Product fotografrie